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The PSION Wavefinder - shown below - was the world's first plug-in digital radio for the PC. Developed in conjunction with Julian Storer from Raw Material Software, the design brief was to provide an innovative and functional front end for the USB DAB decoder, which was a joint project between UK-based DAB radio specialists RadioScape and manufacturer Psion PLC (it is shown on this page in its RadioScape-branded 'skin').

PSION Wavefinder interface The completed design showed the various radio stations as animated icons, which open up as you move over them to display various controls. Also, these station 'tiles' could be pulled off from the interface panel itself and reside on your computer desktop, so you could listen to the radio (and read the DAB text broadcasts) without cluttering up your computer's interface.

In order to create a different 'identity' for each DAB station, a scripting language was developed specially for the DAB receiver. Based around XML, this allowed every component of each station to be editable and animated. Below are two station icons - the default DAB icon, and a station icon for 'Classic FM' that uses a GIF logo and texture maps:
default DAB icon Classic FM DAB icon
Move cursor over icons to open up

Click on to display text box

This scripting language allows more complex animations of shape and movement to be achieved, as in this station icon for the DAB broadcast of dance music station 'Ministry of Sound':
Ministry of Sound DAB icon
Move cursor over icon

The PSION Wavefinder could also download and display web pages and record DAB transmissions as MP2 and MP3 files. It really was very good, and everyone who used it got a real kick out of playing with all the smooth, slidey buttons and controls - and I had the clear, blue plastic thing going long before Jonathan Ives had smelted down his first iMac...

Click on the buttons below for a couple of (sadly static) screenshots of the PSION Wavefinder in action.


    DAB screenshot 1
› Playing

  DAB screenshot 2
› Virgin icon

  DAB screenshot 3
› Web pages

  DAB screenshot 4
› Recordings

  DAB screenshot 5
› Channels


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