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Codex Digital

Codex Digital - pictured below - is a high-resolution digital media recorder, designed to capture moving images and sound from the new generation of high-definition digital motion picture cameras.

Apart from designing the company's branding, product literature and website, I also designed the system's touchscreen interface, in collaboration with Codex's creator, Delwyn Holroyd.

Codex Digital's recorderThis high-contrast colour touchscreen interface is built into the main rack itself, making Codex a completely self-contained location recording system and the interface had to be designed specifically for ease of use, with no drop-down menus, double-clicking, and a minimum of pop-up boxes.

The vast majority of the controls fit on a single page and the whole thing had to be virtually foolproof in its operation (not that film people are fools, but rather that a system like this will be used in a hurry and people don't always have time to flick through a manual...)

After several (looonng) discussions about what features should and shouldn't be available on Codex's front-panel touchscreen, a series of interface designs were created using Flash, which showed both what the various functions and modes would look like, with the added advantage of 'animated' buttons and icons.

Creating the interface design in Flash had several other advantages - firstly, these tiny Flash files could be placed on a central website, so several of Codex's designers could simply log in and try them out, and also the graphical elements in those interface designs could be easily exported from Flash in a number of different file formats, for ease of integration into Codex's actual codebase.

Below is a selection of screen images from the Codex interface - click each one for a larger, animated version (requires the Flash plugin)


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