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Gare du Nord

Artist: DJ Midi

Type: Tracktion demo

Date: September 2002

Dur: 2'25" / 2.8mb MP3
    Mentally preparing myself, with jaw muscles tightening and no trace of a smile, I ask... "so why the name..?"

DJ Midi is a Paris-born remixer whose own brand of European dance music has already got him quite a following. Though only 4'5" tall - and no, I don't know what that is in metres - he has packed dancefloors as far apart as Sydney and Scotland.

"It is because of the word MIDI, which stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface - I use a lot of MIDI equipment in my work and besides, I think it is a cool name - don't you?"

I simply nod in agreement, calculating whether the irony of a French dwarf calling himself "midi" would be lost somewhere across the English Channel. I decide it might. "Yes, I think it's an excellent name"

DJ Midi's latest track - 'Gare du Nord' - is a paean to the French national railway system, offering up praise to the TGV high-speed train that links France with the rest of Europe.

Although Gare du Nord is simply a list of railway stations intoned flatly over a 4/4 beat, it does have a certain... 'I don't know what'... as we say in England.

"My main inspiration has always been bands like Kraftwerk - combining an appreciation of European technology with a really good song!"

...though short on inches, he's long on talent, and there's every chance that 'Gare du Nord' will make DJ Midi a Eurostar.
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