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(Swimming with Dreams in the) Memory Pool

Artist: Suicide Club

Type: Tracktion demo

Date: January 2003

Dur: 2'24" / 2.8mb MP3
    There is no greater grief than to recall a time of happiness when in misery"

The 14th Century poet Dante Alighieri said that about his lost love Beatrice Portinari - and this band look like he felt. Maybe they've just listened to one of their own records...

"So did you have much of a fight with S Club over the use of a similar-sounding name?"They laugh. They actually laugh.

"It does sound a bit depressing, doesn't it... actually the name's not really anything to do with killing yourself, it's about sleep and the nature of dreams. Not all our stuff is that heavy..."

So your next song will be about a little playful kitten, then?

"Definitely. Though in our case it would be a blind kitten, with kidney failure... that gets run over at the end of the song... by a tank."

I don't know whether to laugh or cry, so I ask another 'deep' question:"Your songs contain references to science and psychoanalysis, and namedrop Jung, Willhelm Reich, William Blake and even Stephen Hawking. With such intellectual content, what other band would you say have influenced you the most?"

They look at each other and think for a while.

"Probably E.L.O"

I point out that with overlong intros, ambient linking passages and vastly overdone vocals they're more than half-way there already.

Alright - one last question - what on Earth are 'Vorbis-shaped dreams'?

"How the hell would I know - not everything makes sense when you're asleep. Last night I dreamt they were remaking 'The Good, The Bad and The Ugly' in my toilet, with pillows. I nearly wet myself waiting for them to finish..."

And to think my mother always warned me about eating cheese before bedtime.
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