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Cold Sweat

Type: Remix/mash-up

Date: August 2003

Dur: 4'57" / 5.8mb MP3
    Produced for London's Xfm Radio to coincide with 2003's Endless Summer of Bastard Pop, Cold Sweat is a 'mash up' of Madonna's "Frozen" and Tiga's version of Nelly's "Hot in Herre" (no, that really is how it's spelt). It also contains vocals and additional elements from Britney Spears' beautifully-sleazy single "I'm a Slave 4U".

The entire track was (de)constructed in Tracktion using phase-reversal techniques to remove vocals and time/pitch-shifting to match the individual keys and tempos of the component elements. To read more about how this track was produced, click here.

Entirely constructed from 'Frozen' by Madonna, 'Hot in Herre' by Tiga and 'Im a Slave 4U' by Britney Spears.
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